Made a Shake-donation to @Bykuben

Got a friend to give a book to Bykuben who works green and mobilize, inspire and disseminate knowledge like this:

From their web page:

“In the Capital of the Year, we will mobilize, inspire and disseminate knowledge – making it easy and fun for you to do small or large environmental and climate actions. Each week through 2019 you can face a new exciting challenge, such as “cut down on disposable packaging”, “plant for the city’s hops and bees”, “throw less food” and “live old electronics for recycling”.

You can also join the challenges of the Environmental Capital
In the weekly challenges, you get to test out various projects that you may have postponed to do, or not thought of at all. Through the new activities and projects you will experience how important you are for us to carry out the green shift together.

Green Life Oslo
Green Life Oslo is a map of green places in Oslo. Here you will find tips for green oases in the middle of the city, urban agriculture, social gathering places and organic food and suggestions for hiking trails that take you along rivers, the waterfront and into the neighborhoods where new urban spaces and green entrepreneurship flourish!